Javita Founder Owns Kitchen Remodeling Biz

Javita Owner Talks About his Biz

When a company gets to the point of putting their product and/or service out there with all the good intentions that brought them into becoming a business and offering a product or service, there is a time of breath holding.

A pause. A calm before the storm. Then, if all that is offered on that lovely packaging comes to fruition, the product serves the customer well and delivers on its promises, then the customer testimonials start to flow.

A star, two, three, four and then five. Things start to happen. One person loves it. One person isn’t so sure. One person can’t wait to share.
Then, as in Javita’s case because the product and company does deliver on their promises, the testimonial givers that give 4 and 5 stars and glowing testimonials far our number the ones that are for some reason unhappy.

Javita, just as any respected company should, listens to the good reviews to reward themselves, as we all like a pat on the back for a job well done.

But consumers know what floats a company to the top of their slot of products is the company that listens to the down side of customer testimonials too.

There in those nuggets of information lay the opportunities to become better than they are. Give a tweak when needed and not to go overboard with changes just to fit one out of a million customer needs.

Not that that one is not important to learn from, but to know just how to use the testimonial to become better for all those who use the products.

But from the standpoint of a consumer how do you know these people are real? How can you be sure the good is really that good? As is human nature, we more easily believe on the bad reviews much quicker than readily taking to heart a good review.

Even though both are coming from sources we have no idea of. In reality you have to go with your gut. Read testimonials and evaluate. See if a company offers incentives for testimonial, this should be a warning sign.

You don’t think a company is going to pay for a bad testimonial do you? So if everything is rosy and there are no questions? That is a warning sign. As Judge Judy says, “Put on your listening ears,” and learn from what you hear.

Javita has a following. A growing base that has come back time and time again for product because it delivers. Javita products are flavorful, efficient, safe and readily available no matter what you are looking for or where you live.

So after reading all this information what do you think? Is Javita your new holy grail or is there a better way to make money online and not have to count on the same close network you have already used before.

Or do you not need to spend as much time marketing this product through your sphere of influence because it can sell itself and with all the new social media it may be easier..

Well for me I love the new technology but the MLM system is broken and I prefer to spend time making money online in the local markets and making a difference in my bottom line as well as the local economy without having to do another MLM.